Are you feeling stuck? Do you have old dreams that you have tried to give up on but they just won’t leave you alone? Have you been trying to figure out how to move from one place in your life to the next? Well, if any of these questions hit home for you, you are in the right place. My transitional life coaching program is designed to help you get out of that stuck place, revive your dreams and move you to the next phase of your life. Coaching will help you bridge the gap and/or give you the confidence to take that leap of faith without falling off the deep end. We will do this by clarifying your goals, creating a plan of action, supporting your execution of the plan, developing a maintenance and growth strategy, and problem solving for success.  All of this happens while having an accountability source walking with you throughout the process.


       Please note that coaching is not the same as counseling. If you are battling a mental illness such as depression, anxiety or any other diagnosed disorder please click on the counseling tab so that you can be redirected. Please do not attempt to substitute coaching when you really need counseling or psychiatry. With coaching, there is no diagnosis, treatment plan or medication management. You will need these components when working through mental health issues. Once your mental health concerns are resolved or well-managed you may be able to return to the coaching program.


        If you are ready for the coaching experience please click on the contact tab and let’s get started!

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