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Soneakqua J. White is a licensed counselor, mental strength strategist, and success coach who works with influencers in building and sustaining the mental strength necessary to

operate on their platforms with excellence.

       As a Licensed Professional Counselor and the owner of At the Table Counseling, she began working with clients on the back end of their trauma through her psychotherapeutic private practice in 2009. By 2016 she began to realize that she may better serve specific clients by getting out in front of the train, which ultimately lead her to open cathARTic Coaching & Consulting in 2021.

    Soneakqua now coaches influencers from a proactive perspective. Her favorite groups of clients to work with are performing and non-performing creative artists, athletes, and ministers. As a writer, a non-performing creative artist, Soneakqua now has 5 book projects of her own. A Time to Heal, Red Flag!, Writing is Life, Working Through Mommy Issues and Compassionate Children all hit the market between 2017 and 2019. She has also had the honor of being featured in one of the best-selling book brands published by one of the most prestigious publishing companies. Her contribution to Chicken Soup for the Soul Angels All Around has been an amazing accomplishment. In everything that she does, Soneakqua’s primary focus is on getting her clients to the point of living healthy lifestyles and operating in their best gifts.

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Soneakqua Website.png
"Everything comes with a cost. If you don’t pay to level up, you will pay to stay the same!"

~Soneakqua J. White


  Whether you’re already considered an Influencer or your goal is to attain that status…that’s amazing! I love it! But have you considered the downside of your platform? Followers don’t fix problems! So, every issue you’re carrying before you have influence will tag along with you for the ride once you have it. And even worse, what was once your private life now becomes public. The past you were able to keep hidden because no one knew you gives way to newfound light. Your life can become the center of attention in the worst way possible.


        No matter how influential you are or become, I implore you stay on top of your mental and emotional health. Understand that the same people who love you today when you’re on top may turn on you tomorrow should you find yourself at the bottom. I want to encourage you to do your mental prep work off camera so that when the spotlight hits you it has nothing to illuminate but your gift!.


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