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Soneakqua J. White is a Licensed Counselor, Mental Strength Strategist, and Social & Emotional Learning coach who works with teens and adults battling with anxiety, depression, work, life, or school related stressors, as well as those recovering from Religious Trauma.

       As a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas, Soneakqua owned and ran At the Table Counseling. She began working with clients on the back end of their trauma through her psychotherapeutic private practice in 2009. After moving to Ohio, she became a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor to continue her work.

    Under her new company cathARTic Coaching & Consulting, Soneakqua now counsels as well as coaches. Some of her favorite groups of clients to work with are performing and non-performing creative artists, athletes, and ministers. Another group is 14-22 year old students learning how to become adults and graduate from high school or college ready to occupy the world. Soneakqua is a prolific writer who has now written 9 books to assist her clients in their therapeutic journeys.  In everything she does, Soneakqua’s primary focus is on getting her clients to the point of living healthy lifestyles and operating in their best gifts.

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Soneakqua Website.png
"Everything comes with a cost. If you don’t pay to level up, you will pay to stay the same!"

~Soneakqua J. White