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       My favorite group of clients to coach are performing and non-performing creative artists. If you are a writer, singer, painter, dancer, stylist, chef, etc. I’m talking about you! Most of the clients I work with were once considered undercover creatives because they had tried, unsuccessfully, to deny their gifts. My assignment with this particular group of people is to help them uncover, revive and operate in their respective crafts.


       The word cathartic is generally used when there is a deep expression and/or release of emotion typically through some art form. A song you heard brought you to tears. Cutting your hair gave you a freedom you had not felt in years. A poem you read summed up your life like you had written it yourself. You experienced a cathARTic moment and you are forever changed. This is what my clients were put on this earth to do. Some of them just have not realized or accepted it yet.


       A technique I use, which I call “craft coaching” is using your creative gift to move you from your stuck place to a place of freedom.  Pushing you out of your comfort zone into your deepest desires. Whatever or whoever made you think that what you wanted was impossible lied to you. I’m here to show you the truth. It is possible and you can have it, but you will have to do the work. When you’re ready for this journey I will be here to walk with you.